8 Things That Go In Your Survival Kit When You Leave Home

While packing our bags, we usually get confused what to take and what not to. In this confusion, we even forget some things. The most easy way to go is to pack two bags, one duffel bag and the other a travel handbag. Your clothes and shoes and all could come in your duffel bag whereas important items in handbag.

God forbid, even if you lose your duffel bag (or it gets stolen) , you will still have all the important items ( basically your survival kit) with you.

Here’s a list of things you must carry in your travel handbag:-



Don’t leave your important documents in the duffel bag. They are to keep close to you. These documents include your identity cards, tickets, credit and debit card, driving license, passport, visa and other documents of importance.


Ear phones

A famous line says never leave your house without headphones, who knows you might actually need it for saving yourself from your co-passengers?

3) Phone Charger and a Power Bank



In today’s world the mobile-phones have taken over the public and private life with so many apps which come in handy when we are traveling. In such a scenario, the most terrifying and dreadful thing to see is a low battery signal on our phone. So, Always carry your phone charger, who knows where you will need it.



Nowadays, your mobile phone becomes the travelling camera. But all of those who love photography, DSLR is a must thing to carry. One can even buy a disposable camera for a trip.

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5) Books


Whether it’s a Mills and boons novel or a Christie novel, or even some travel books, it’s safe to carry them. Getting bored, take your books out (What’s better than to read a good novel with a beautiful scenery to go with). Lost? The travel books and the maps are there to help you out.

6) First-aid Kit

First aid kit, budget trips

No one is ever ready to go travelling without a first-aid kid. Some bandages, allergy medicine, medicines for headache and fever, these are common to carry.

7) Snacks

Shacks, Budget trips

A trip without some snacks is not a good trip. Pack some chips, and lots of sweet, who doesn’t like getting sugar high. These are called emergency food, hungry ? Grab some.

8)Water bottle

Water, Budget Trips

Nobody would like to die of thirst. So carry a water bottle for emergency. No store nearby or no place to get water from, you know you have one in your bag. It’s healthy to keep yourself hydrated.

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