9 Things Tourists Get To Know When They Visit India

When someone from the west thinks about India, they imagine Slumdog Millionaire and bollywood dance numbers. Naturally when it comes to visiting India a lot of things come as a surprise for them. Afterall our country has a lot to offer to tourists and surprising them is just the cherry on the top. Here are a few things that tourists get to know about India when they come here.

India is Diverse



Most tourists are ignorant when it comes to India. So, the diverse people, terrains, culture and food amazes them. They leave with an experience of a lifetime.



India is not a land of snake charmers despite the perception of the west. We boast of world class airports, sky scrapers and luxury cars. India has come really forward in terms of development in the last few decades.

Two sides of the coin


Yes, poverty is rampant in India and we need a solution for that. But just like any other nation, there are all classes of people living here. So, tourists expecting to see only slums do get a bit of shock when they see this.


Cricket is a religion


Cricket is to India what Football is to America, except that it’s way more popular. It surpasses football, hockey and basically every other sports known to mankind in terms of popularity. And yes, Sachin is the god of Cricket.

The competition


There is cut-throat competition in India in the education sector specially in engineering courses. It is the way to go for a student. This might seem very surreal to someone from the west. But the thousands of hoardings for coaching classes tattletale.

How families work here


Most people live with their parents in India. This is really not something you see in foreign countries. Children tend to move out when they are 18. Indian family bond is very strong. We do everything together and privacy is not something we take for granted here.

Arranged marriages

Love marriage is a fairly new concept in India. Generally parents set you up with someone for the rest of the life. And voila, it works! Well, most of the time.



Corruption has spread its evil roots in India to the core. It is present everywhere. And its very humiliating to admit that. You can get out of anything with bribe. This does stain the reputation of India among the tourists.



When faced with a problem we prefer jugaad rather than a conventional process of solving it. It is both funny and incredibly helpful in some tricky situations.

Well, we are really proud of some of the points we mentioned and are definitely working towards improvement in some of the other points!

We hope when you visit our country you have the best tourism experience. Because it’s incredible India.

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