11 Things we should stop now to attract more tourists!

Tourism in India is increasing rapidly but there are a few things that we should stop right now which are hindering tourism.

# 1 Being a litterbug:


Littering blatantly at public places by even a single person sets a bad example of whole country in front of foreigners. When tourists visit places and all they see is trash, they are not only disappointed but a feeling of disgust fills their heart and they carry this memory all along.

Proper garbage disposal will not only attract tourist but will also keep many diseases at bay. Our motive is to keep our environment clean and green.

# 2 Treating foreigners as a source of income:


Most  of the tourist spots charge hefty entry fee from international tourists. Even the local chaiwalas demand twice the price from foreign tourists. This really creates a bad impression on them. We should not exploit tourists. Rather than using them as source of income, we should make it an effort to build relationship.

# 3 Writing and painting on walls of tourist places



Every roadside Romeo of India should realize that writing name of his beloved on walls of monuments and other buildings is very tawdry. Also, playing tic- tac- toe is the most imperfect way of passing time. Activities like these not only spoil the appearance of buildings, but also disgusts tourists. We should always make an effort to contribute in beautification of tourist places.

# 4 Duping them for benefit

Misguiding, deceiving, and using unfair means to trick foreigners, for what? Just for your own selfish motive? Have we really degraded our standards to that extent? Just because they are unaware of our country gives us no right to dupe them. We should respect our tourists and give them value for money experience.

# 5 Not giving them proper facilities

Facilities provided to some tourists aren’t up to the mark at some tourist locations. The transition from an entirely different environment makes them susceptible to ailments. Hospitality is the key to their hearts. Treating them properly is our duty.

# 6 Staring them to the point of their discomfort

Some people have a habit of staring others for no particular reason while some have a bad intention behind it.

Both are highly disturbing. Stop regarding any foreigner as a new specie. They are also humans like us. We should make sure that none of our activities is causing any sort of discomfort to them. They are our guest and should be treated with care.

# 7 Molesting foreign women tourists


Crimes against women are rising day by day in India. Even foreign women aren’t spared from this. Completely unaware about the surroundings, they are trapped by some beasts. There should be improvement in proper security arrangements for women and should ensure proper safety for solo women tourists. Even we should make an effort to help women if they need help.

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# 8 Taking selfies with them as if they are atypical humans


In this selfie era, one leaves no stone unturned to get a picture that one can boastfully display on social media. For some people clicking selfies with foreigners may be a thing to show off but this may be really irksome and annoying for tourists. Pictures should always be clicked with one’s consent.

# 9 Not giving them proper tour guidelines and maps

Sometimes because of being fooled by some people, tourists may face a lot of problem. For this tourism department should provide them with proper tourism plans, guidelines and maps. Moreover, tourism helpline numbers should always remain active.

# 10 Making fun of their appearance

Being different from others is what makes a person unique. But making mockery of someone for being different isn’t justified. The demeanor looks and dressing style of foreigners is different from us. We should accept this fact and appreciate them.

# 11 Not helping them in communicating


The biggest problem that foreigners face in India is communication problem. Some people are too impatient to even understand what they want to convey. We should listen to them patiently and make an attempt to help them in any way we can.


Let’s unite together and avoid these things on our part. Only this will justify the term “Incredible India”.

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