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Go mischievious this trip with 5 crazy prank tricks from us

Trips are boring if there are no pranks involved. If you are a prankster, you have come to the right place. If you are not a prankster, then beware! Or better, try a prank ( do something different this trip).

Here are the 5 best pranks that are sure to get people fooled :-

1. Ghost Prank

This prank is best when you are on a camping trip but it can literally work anywhere, from a camp to a hotel room or during road trip.

Ghost prank, budget Trips

All you have to do is practice your vocals so that you can make those ghostly voices. A little makeup, if required can be done ( if you have time to do it ). Use lots of Kajal and make it smear down your face. Also lots of dark red lipstick ( make sure it’s not bright, the more duller the more better ). You can also back-comb your hair to make it stand at places and some of the strands covering your face.

P.S. make sure the people you are pranking do not have a weak heart. After all, we don’t want blood on any hands.


2. Alarm Clock Prank

One of the oldest but a gold prank. This prank is best for revenge or irritating someone off. You can play this prank anywhere, except just make sure not while on road, you don’t want to scare the driver and end up dying in an accident.

Alarm Clock, Budget Trips

Gather a lot of alarm clocks and schedule one of them for 3 in the morning and rest for a gap of 5-10 minutes each. Now you only have to find hiding places for clocks in the victim’s room.

If you want you can even hide a camera to record their reaction when one by one the alarm goes off.


3. Fake Spider Prank

What’s more funnier than watching your friends getting scared of a fake spider.

Spider Prank, Budget Trips


The ingredients in playing this prank are- A jar 1/3rd filled with mud.

A fake spider inside that jar.

Some holes in the lid of the jar.

And you will need good acting skills and people to prank on.

The method is easy, just go on showing that big fat spider around saying “look what I have caught”. And then accidentally ( not so ) drop the jar on the ground making the spider come out of the jar. And then sit back and enjoy the show.

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4. Happy New Year Prank

One of the pranks played best when on a road trip. You need a lot and lot of confetti ( okay, so not that much, otherwise they will get to know ). If you do not like the driver or the person who called shotgun before you, you can also use glitter.

New Year Prank, Budget Trips

You just have to fill the confetti ( colored ones are the best ) in the air vents and wait for them to switch on the AC or heater to shout “Happy New Year”. Btw, you can also use this trick to give someone a pleasant surprise. 

P.S. make sure you don’t do this prank in the start of the road trip, you will get pissed of co-passengers then. Do this when on a gas stop or something.


5. Rock in the Bag Prank

It’s funny when pranks are played on others but not when you are the victim, so this is the prank that you shouldn’t overdo. This is a camping prank and all you need is a big (not too big but a medium size) heavy rock.

Rock in the bag prank, Budget Trips

Choose your victim and find his/her bag alone with you before going on a trek. Empty the bag and put the rock inside making sure to put all the stuff back in the bag. The victim won’t realize the extra weight soon but slowly they would realize.

Hope your friends weren’t around while you were learning these tricks.

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