Pavana Lake Camping

Pavana lake – A promising experience in the arms of mother nature

Attributing its existence to the Pavana dam, Pavana lake is the most enchanting place any nature lover would hardly bargain to visit. Covered with a natural exuberant foliage this is a perfect place for camping.

How to reach:

It is about 109 km from Mumbai and can be reached by road in 3 hours. Other options are:

  • Private Taxi: Hiring a private taxi would start from Rs. 1000 onwards. 
  • By Train: Nearest station is Lonavala from where this place is about 20 km      and can be reached by a cab in 40-50 minutes.

Best time to visit: October-May

Camping at Pavana:

Pavana Lake Sunset

Camping here generally starts with a planned itinerary. These campings start from INR 1800 at

Here are a few other websites you can go through for booking.

Usually the planned itineraries of these camping goes as follows :

  • You have to reach by afternoon and check in with your respective camping agency.
  • You will later be provided with tea and snacks in the evening. Until then you can roam around the area and watch a beautiful sunset.
  • At night you can barbecue your own choice of dishes and prepare dinner as the background music will soothe your ears.
  • Bid adieu to the cold air by the side of a bonfire.
  • As the night progresses you can gaze into the starlit sky only to fall in love with the vista. The moon on a full moon night simply adds to this beauty.
  • Tents will be provided for the overnight stay.
  • The sun rays scintillate the faint blue sky leaving behind an unforgettable view as you sip your morning beverage and as the day dawns you can head towards the lake for some boating and water sports.

Boating charges :

1) Rs. 25 per ride per person (minimum 8 persons) – Big motor boat.

2) Rs. 50 per ride per person – Single person-small motor boat (high speed)

3) Rs. 70 per rider per person – two persons at a time – high speed motor boat

This is a basic itinerary for most camps. There are other inclusions like trekking or fishing depending the package you take.

Tip: Do not forget to ask a good discount for group bookings.


The misty skies and the magical expanse of this lake will indeed leave you complete awestruck!


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