Jodhpur in your budget

Beauty of the Blue City- Jodhpur

Budget: Rs 4000/person (stay, travel, food, sightseeing inclusive)

Sight-seeing and Must-do Activities:

  • Umaid Bhavan: Rs 30/- entry fee and the camera is allowed free of cost. We preferred to take Ola ( up to Rs 100 per ride) as local autos charge Rs. 100 per person. It’s a huge palace which has been converted into a hotel. A small section has been opened for tourism. It has belongings of the kings and queens. There is also a small vintage car museum inside. Takes 1 hour for the complete tour. There is a small snacks canteen inside.

    Umaid Bhavan in Jodhpur
    Umaid Bhavan in Jodhpur
  • Mehrangarh Fort: Rs 100/- entry fee. Rs 40/- for using the lift (optional).  Take Ola only (up to Rs 100 per side). Autos charge Rs.100/- per head in most of the Jodhpur. There is a concession in entry fee if you have a student ID. Cameras are written to be charged but can be kept inside the bag and then used later for free. The fort is huge and beautiful from inside with artwork and belongings from the time ages old. You get a view of the blue city from the top and entrance of this fort. It takes 2-3 hours for the complete tour. There are restaurants inside the fort slightly overpriced so it is recommended to carry your food stuff.
  • Jaswant Thada: A white crematorium with gardens around the structure. Entry fee Rs 25/- head. The camera is allowed free of cost. Reach by Ola. You get a good view of Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhavan from this place and possibly a view of the entire Jodhpur as well. We spent some time outside the crematorium enjoying the view. Takes 30-45 minutes for the complete tour.
  • Mandore Garden: Free entry. Museum Entry:  Rs.20/-. A big garden with a few temple structures inside. It has hundreds of monkeys/langoors so it is advised to keep your belongings carefully.  The garden has a small museum which has excavated sculptures from as old as from the 9th century. Takes maximum 45 minutes for the complete tour. You can reach here by Ola (up to Rs 100 ) or there are private buses which pick and drop from various places. (Rs. 10 per head)

Everything else

How To Reach:

Mumbai to Jodhpur: Train (Suryanagri Express, 3AC, Rs 1300 pax, 17 hours), to and fro because there aren’t many direct flights.

Hotel Recommended:

  • Shree Ram Empire: Rs 4600/2 nights/2 adult, excluding breakfast. It is at the fork of road 12 and therefore a lot of restaurants and eateries are nearby. The rooms are comfortable and equipped with latest amenities.

Restaurants Tried:

  • Hotel Priya and Janta Sweet Mart near Ghantaghar Market: These are famous for thalis (Rs 90+) and Rajasthani snacks (Rs 50+) such as Raj kachori, Bhel Poori etc. but other cuisines such as South Indian, Italian, Mexican are also easily available. We tried thalis and Raj Kachori.
  • We also had fini for the first time from a nearby milk-mart of our hotel. It is a dish which has thin vermicelli dipped in warm milk in a medium sized kulhad topped with fresh cream, tastes delicious at Rs 35/- per kulhad.

Extra Gyaan:

  • Jodhpur has private buses numbered 1,2,3… depending on the routes they run on. You can take these buses to go to market places and other city areas. These are safe and run until 11.00 pm. They are extremely cheap as they charge only Rs.10 per head. They only go to market places and roam inside the city. To reach forts, Ola is the most feasible option as these buses don’t run to these points.
  • We highly recommend getting a view of the blue city which is available from Mehrangarh fort and Jaswant Thada. It’s spectacular during the sunset.
  • We found the Ghantaghar market, Tripolia market good places to buy Bandhani clothes, Saafa houses, earrings, bangles and Rajasthani snack items.
Jodhpur Ravanhatta Music
The artists of Jodhpur know to win your heart.

We had an amazing time and wish you have a great time too. Happy tripping 🙂

PS: This trip was taken in December 2016

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