Got a DSLR? Now Make Money By Selling Your Clicks

Are you an ardent photographer? There’s no problem even if you are an amateur. It’s high time to turn your hobby into a profession. Nothing is better than getting paid for something you love. Below are a few sites that pay you for your pictures.




Fotolia is a part of Adobe family. The stock imagery you submit on Fotofolia, paves way for being bought by millions of users across all Adobe platforms.

It offers two distinct options for the revenue you receive .

  • If you sell your imagery through Pay-As-You-Go option available, earnings lie 20% -63% of the price it is sold.
  • The second option is if you sell your pictures through Subscription you receive 33% of the sold price in case of images and 35% of the sold price in case of videos.

Perks of Fotolia are there is no registration or portfolio management fees and you can possibly earn thousands of bucks. Isn’t it cool?



By joining Alamy community you have a scope of selling your images to over lakhs of customers throughout the world. Alamy is uncomplicated, unambiguous, and devoid of hassles. The best part is it offers you 50% of your sale.

Here is how to sell your images on Alamy:

Plain sailing it is.




Dreamstime is yet another popular and reliable source of high quality images available at affordable prices.

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The first step in selling your images through Dreamstime is to register for free on their registration page available on the site.

  • For each sale of stock imagery, the seller gets 25 to 50% of the net sold price.
  • Exclusive files get additional 10 %  while exclusive contributors receive 60 % of sold price for all sales and an additional $0.20 for every submission that is approved.
  • For the first 100 approved files, the additional bonus is given. After that it depends on your image ratings which is expected to be greater than 0.1.



Snapped4U is an easy -breezy platform to sell your images. To begin with, the user needs to create a gallery, set the price for images as jpeg files and upload them. Simple as that!

  • Snapped4U retains some commission on the images i.e. $0.50 for images priced $5 or less and 10% for the rest of images.
  • There is no registration fee, no posting fees and no other expenses. Overall it’s hassle free!



iStock by Getty Images is one of the top stock photography platforms that offers large number of  hand-picked images at low cost prices .

istock pays a royalty of rate of 15% for every file that is downloaded along with the credits. Exclusive contributors can potentially earn up to 45%.

Before you can contribute your stock imagery, you need to be an iStock member. You can easily join istock within minute and without any cost.


Etsy is a marketplace for buying and selling unique good .Millions of users are connected to Etsy, some of which even sell photos.

Joining and starting a shop on Etsy costs a zilch. Selling fees on Etsy are divided into three- listing fee,transaction fee and payment processing fee. To publish a listing it costs around US$ 0.20 .It varies depending on different currency .  Oncethe item is sold, 3.5% of the sold price is transaction fee.



500px is a photography platform where users discover, share, buy and sell inspiring photography throughout the world..

To join 500px community of millions of photographers, you can sign up for free and create an account. 

It costs nothing to contribute your photos to the 500px community and you get 60% of sales that you submit. That’s pretty remarkable!

So without further ado, just open your browsers, sign up to any of these sites, sell your pictures and start earning! ☺

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