Lavasa - the picturesque town

Lavasa Escapade-all planned for your next weekend

Lavasa is one of the planned cities in India and is based on Portofino, a town in Italy. It is a major weekend destination for the residents of neighboring cities of Mumbai and Pune.

How to reach : Lavasa is a 3 hour drive from Mumbai and 1 hour from Pune. Nearest station is the Pune station (approx. 65 km). One can take a flight and alight at the Mumbai or Pune (Lohegaon) airport. Car rentals from Mumbai would be approximately starting from INR 3000.

Best time to visit : Lavasa has a good weather all year round. Winters are a bit chilled. Avoid going in peak monsoon season i.e July. Grand celebrations take place during Christmas and new years, having the whole town brightly lit up. A Diwali Mela, organised by the students of Zilla Parishad is worth watching.

What to do :

  • One can enjoy thrilling water sports like jet-ski and kayaking ( Rs. 500p.p for 15 min) .
  • Take a luxurious cruise on the Warasgaon Lakeshore which are a bit on the higher end.
  • Paddleboats, pontoon boats and bumper boats are also available. (Rs. 100p.p for half an hour). 
  • Paint ball, rappelling, rock climbing, camping, trekking and lot many adventurous activities will get your adrenaline rushing at Xthrill Adventures Academy
  • The best experience would be discovering this contemporary hill city on a SEGWAY! Professionals will train you to ride this battery operated vehicle. (Rs. 400p.p for 15 minutes)
  • Rejoice along Temghar dam with a hot masala bhutta (corn) and adore the row houses and bungalows perfectly embellishing the city.

What to eat : Lavasa has an array of cuisines to offer ranging from gourmet to Maharashtrian thalis. You can enjoy the sunset from the few restaurants on the lake side promenade. The All American Diner, Chor Bizzare, Indulge, Pizza Wala are a few moderately priced restaurants. (INR 500-600 for 2)

Shopping : Bamboosa is a factory plus outlet which has an plethora of artifacts made by the locals out of bamboos. You can find a variety of furniture like chairs, hammocks, tables e.t.c as well as lampshades, pen-stands, coasters e.t.c.

Suitable for : Couples can come here for photo-shoots and have a gala time here. It is also good for friend groups and  family outings.

Other things :  Since Lavasa is a relaxing getaway from your routine life, you can indulge in spa at The Karvi Spa or take a nature trail along to find various species of flora and fauna. This picturesque hill-town will revitalize you and add zest to your weekend.

Budget : Lavasa is a little high priced place. So your budget may depend on your mode of transport and number of activities you indulge in. If you have a private vehicle then a day trip would cost you around INR 1500 to 2000.


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