Kanyakumari- Where The Three Seas Meet

Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India, the place which is surrounded by the sea on three side, and mountains on the foyrth side has its own glorious past, marvelous present and a very promising future.

This is the only place in India, where the three major water bodies meet, namely The Bay of Bengal, The Arabian Sea, and The Indian Ocean, and referred as Triveni Sangam. If you look closely, you can spot the difference between the colors of the water at the meeting point.

The fog from the mountains dissolving into the sea, the sight which can heal almost anything, or the sunrise and sunset for what it is said that you can see them from any part of the city, this place has a lot to offer, and it is all in your budget.


  • From Chennai or Bangalore, you can take direct train to reach Nagercoil Junction, which is just 20 kilometers from Kanyakumari.
  • Taxis are available all the time from Nagercoil Station to Kanyakumari.

There are lot of good hotels around the bus stand of Kanyakumari, and all the places to visit are in 500 meters radius.

Major places of attraction:

Bhagawathi Amman Temple:


Bhagwati Amman Temple


This temple of the goddess, is one of the 108 Shakti Peeth, which is the major place of worship in Hinduism.
Located at the bank of the Triveni Sangam, this temple is place of attraction for thousands of devotees across India. The architecture of the temple is Dravidian, and will speak for itself about its past and marvelous design. It is often said that the city got its name from the goddess herself, Devi Kanyakumari.

  • If visited in the month of March-August, you can complete the Darshanam in less than an hour. But even in rush hour, it will not take more than 2-3 hours.
  • The entry is free but VIP Darshanam is also available, the ticket will cost around Rs.50-100.

Important instruction for Darshanam:

For Men: You can enter the temple wearing anything, like pant-shirt, jeans-t-shirt, dhoti-kurta, there is no restriction for that, but before going inside the main room where the idol is located, you will be asked by the priests to remove your top wear. It is customary for men to enter the main temple, topless, bare chested, and yes, without camera too. Don’t feel shy, everybody there will be like that only 😊. You can keep clothes in hand, and can wear it later, after coming out.

For Women: Shorts are NOT allowed. Other than that, the head should be covered inside the main temple.

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Vivekananda Rock Memorial


Distance from previous location: 200-300 meters.

  • Located in a rock like island in some distance in the sea, you have to take a ferry ride to reach there.
  • The ferry ride costs around Rs.100-150 to and fro.
  • There will always be long queue for ferry tickets, and you might have to spend 2-3 hours, if you reach there by 10 in the morning. The sooner you stand in line, the sooner you’ll get the ticket. The ticket counter opens around 7 in the morning till 5 in the evening.

There are 2 mandapams, where, the legends say that Vivekananda, got enlightenment from the goddess Kanyakumari herself.
It has a statue of Vivekananda, and a very ideal place for meditation, surrounded by water on all sides, and away from stress.


Thiruvalluvar Statue


Distance from previous location: 10-20 meters.

Thiruvalluvar is one of the most important Tamil poet and sage, and has in his account several masterpieces, including Thirukkural. The statue is around 130 feet tall, standing on one of the rocks, just beside the rock of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and is connected by a foot bridge in between. The same ferry ride, will take you there. i.e., if you take the ferry ride, you can go to the Rock Memorial, after that you can take the foot bridge to the Thiruvalluvar Statue, and come back by taking the return ferry ride.


Triveni Sangam

Triveni Sangam, Kanyakumari


Distance from previous location: 100-150 meters.

The place where the three sea meet. It is said that taking bath here is very auspicious.

After taking bath, there is Government fresh water shower bathroom, which you can use. Alternatively, the hotels are nearby this place only, you can take a walk to the hotel.


Market Place

Distance from previous location: 100-150 meters.

The local market here is the place  where you can get anything like sea shells, pearls, clothes, bags, spices, etc. You can and should negotiate highly for the prices.


Gandhi Mandapam, is the place where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were kept before flowing in the ocean. The place holding a great significance and lot of memories of Gandhi ji can be seen here. It is just beside the Triveni Sangam.

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