Our gift to the bird watchers for this summer!

If you are a birdwatcher, then this article is for you but if you are not, then you’ll surely become a bird lover in no time after watching these rare ethereal beauties. Below are some exquisite bird species  found in India.   #Himalayan Monal This stunning colored bird is the national bird of Nepal and […]

Is Camera a Necessity While Travelling?

Isn’t it obvious? Yes, of course it is a necessity. After all, who wouldn’t want to capture the picturisque scenes and capture the memories of lifetime. Right! But you know what? We have got something more to say than this and it will really make you ponder if camera is a necessity or not. All […]

7+ Reasons To Choose Homestays Over A Hotel

If you are an avid traveler or planning a trip with your dear ones then this article will surely overcome your ambivalence and will make up your mind to choose homestays over a hotel. #1: Affordable:   Hotels may make you pay through nose sometimes especially in peak seasons. Some add ons like eating outside […]