Is Camera a Necessity While Travelling?

Isn’t it obvious? Yes, of course it is a necessity. After all, who wouldn’t want to capture the picturisque scenes and capture the memories of lifetime. Right! But you know what? We have got something more to say than this and it will really make you ponder if camera is a necessity or not.

All those travel lovers know the trouble of carrying camera (those DSLRs are exactly not light). Shoulder pain, neck pain and the constant worry of losing your camera doesn’t let you enjoy the trip like you want to.

The main question is, is all this trouble really worth for some photographs?


The human eyes are camera and the mind is the memory card, so why all the trouble ?

If we want, we can go on a “NO” camera trip. But, we understand how sometimes we find something worth capturing and so the dire feeling of carrying a camera (in that case, mobile camera works perfectly).

Why carry a heavy DSLR when these 13+ megapixel camera phones are available, in which you have alreadyinvested more than 10k to probably just get amazing shots without a DSLR.

Now, everything comes back to the question, is touring equivalent to clicking pictures ? Maybe and maybe not.

We all love clicking pictures, but same pose in all thousands pictures ( same place or different places ) is not necessary. Capture the uniqueness and absorb the beauty.

Living in the moment is what makes someone a traveller. Going on a trip should be relaxing and joyful, and hence enjoy every moment not behind or in front of the camera but every moment in the beauty all around you.


(No offence to any photography lovers or to those who love getting themselves clicked.)

What do you think, is camera really a necessity or not ? Is clicking pictures equivalent to enjoying a trip ? Tell us in the comments and also share any memory of your trip which you made without a camera.

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