Our gift to the bird watchers for this summer!

If you are a birdwatcher, then this article is for you but if you are not, then you’ll surely become a bird lover in no time after watching these rare ethereal beauties. Below are some exquisite bird species  found in India.


#Himalayan Monal

This stunning colored bird is the national bird of Nepal and also the state bird of Uttarakhand in India .We can find this bird in Uttarakhand,  Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh .It is  found at higher altitudes of Himalayas. It’s habitat keeps on changing with changing season. In summers, it can be spotted at top of trees, rocky regions or grasslands. In winters, it can be spotted in covered forests.

 #Green avadavat

The striking zebra stripes on a bright green and yellow body makes this bird unique. It can be seen in central India, around southern Rajasthan, central Uttar, southern Bihar and West Bengal , southern Maharashtra and northern Andhra Pradesh. It breeds from October to January and sometimes even in July.

#Sikkim wedge billed babbler

This black breasted bird is getting rare because of habitat loss. It can be spotted in subtropical or tropical forests .It can be found in India and Southeast Asia. In India it can be seen in Arunachal Pradesh, Myanmar and some other parts. It occupies lower elevations during the winter season.

#Bugun Liocichla

This unusual bird with unusual name is beautiful specie but considered to be endangered. It was observed first time in Arunachal Pradesh in the year 1995.It is seen in some flocks in January and sometimes in May. Its sightings can be observed on hillsides covered with small trees and shrubs. It can be found in Arunachal Pradesh and some neighboring parts of Bhutan.

#Satyr tragopan        


This gorgeous white dotted- crimson redbird is nearly threatened. It can be found in heavily wooded Himalayan reaches of India. Its breeding season is from late April to June.

#mangrove pitta

This gorgeous colorful bird is threatened due to habitat loss .It can be spotted the Sundarbans of India .the mangrove pitta can be easily seen as it sits high up on mangrove trees. Its breeding season is from June to August.

#Fire-tailed Myzornis

This bright green bird is yet another beautiful bird. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montage forests. It can be found in Sikkim ,Arunachal Pradesh and some regions of Himalayas. Its breeding season is from April to June.

#Blue -winged parakeet

This bluish grey beauty was earlier known as Bababudan parrot. It is restricted to the Western Ghats as well as Eastern of India. Its Flock moves through the forest while calling out in a series of distinctive sound. It begins breeding in December and eggs are laid in December and January.

#Indian paradise flycatcher 

This beautiful bird is migratory specie. It spends the winter season in tropical Asia and is resident population in southern India. It locally breeds in these areas during winters inhabit thick forests and well-wooded habitat. It can be spotted in thick forests and well-wooded habitats.

#Oriental dwarf kingfisher

This colorful black backed small bird is one of the most beautiful birds found in India. It is found in the Konkan region of southwest India and its habitat is usually small streams in densely shaded forests. It begins to breed with the onset of the southwest monsoon in June.


So without further ado, start exploring and behold their sight before they get endangered.

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