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Take a dip in Hot Water Spring of Barkeshwar, WB

Estimated BudgetRs. 1000/person excluding ticket fare to reach the destination from your origin. However, we have mentioned the rail and road details from Jamshedpur.

Total Duration: 1 day.

Places to Visit:

  • Bakreshwar Dham- It is one of the pious places in India. Local buses drop you at the Bakreshwar bus stand for just Rs.7/person and then a 10 min walk takes you to the temple. However, we booked a cab for Rs. 350/day that led us to the temple in just 30 minutes. An entry fee of Rs.5/person is charged. The Bakreshwar temple attracts devotees from all over the world especially on Mondays as Lord Shiva is worshiped here. The Pandits of the Temple (called as Pandas) can guide you. The temple closes at 12.30 p.m for Bhog Nivedanam (Offering food) and reopens at 4 in the evening.
  • Just beside the temple is Aadi Shakti Pith- one of the 52 Shakti piths in India. The Garbhagriha has restricted entry, only on paying Rs. 150/person. However, devotees can pray from the outer circle for the whole day. Special bhog coupons for Rs. 500 are available.
  • The Hot Water Springs- The entire place of Bakreshwar is situated on Hot water belt of which you can find 3 major natural hot water springs within the temple campus. Agni Kund has the highest temperature of 72-800C; the water of Khar Kund and Bhairava Kund, having a temperature of 60-650C is said to have unique medicinal properties and is processed and sold by the Government for Rs. 499/500 ml. and entry to these Kunds is strictly prohibited. The waters of Brahma kund has a moderate lukewarm temperature and devotees are allowed to enter in it and there are separate Ghats are prepared for men and women.

    Bakreshwar Hot Spring
    Bakreshwar Hot Spring
  • Mahisasur Mardini Temple-At 5 min walking distance from the place is the Mahisasur Mardini Temple, worshipping Maa Durga, and is surrounded by the Dudh Kund. The water of this kund has a whitish hue especially during early morning and a temperature of 610.  The temple is situated on a platform built over it. The kund surrounds the entire temple so the way to the temple is closed during summers. Entry fee of Rs.5/person is charged.
  • Peer Baba Mazhaar- Just 15 km south in Birbhum district is the famous Maazhar of Peer Baba. Auto-rickshaws are the only mode of transport which charge Rs.80-100/trip and take 25-30 min to reach here. It’s said that Bakreshwar darshan is considered incomplete if you don’t visit this place. The place experiences a heavy crowd on Fridays.

Delicacies :

  • Morabba is a very famous sweet of this region and is available only for Rs.12/100 gm. Also, do not forget to taste Chanar payesh from the local sweet shops for just Rs.7/100 gm. There are no famous restaurants near Bakreshwar hence the local shops are the only option available.

    Chanar Payesh from Barkeshwar
    Chanar Payesh
  • Biryani Center in Dubrajpur, is a good choice for all biryani lovers as it serves 65 types of Biryanis starting from Rs. 49/plate to Rs. 1499/plate. TOTOs, buses, and rickshaws charge Rs.5-15/person to reach there.
  • Sorshe Elish (mustard hilsa) is one of the best (a little high in price) items served in Rannaghor-a multi cuisine restaurant, at Rs. 199/2pieces.
  • Telebhaja is a very famous snack of this place available at almost all the local shops for just Rs.20/100 gm.

Everything Else:

  • Train- There is no direct train from Jamshedpur to Dubrajpur (nearest railway station). Trains like Tata Danapur (2S fare Rs.85/person) and South Bihar express (fare Rs. 100/person) go to Asansol junction (travel time of 4 hr) and from there for a distance of 55 km, local trains (fare Rs.10/person) or buses (fare Rs. 50/person) are available. However, the most convenient of all is to book a cab for Rs. 500/trip that takes only 45 min to reach there.
  • By Road- SBSTC buses are available directly from Jamshedpur to Dubrajpur that cost Rs. 180/person for an 8 hr journey. Private Coach Buses cost Rs. 250/person for the same journey.

Recommended Hotels (if planning to stay longer than a day):

  • The Yubraja Hotel and Restaurant- This budget hotel is 7 km away from the main bus stand (15-20 min journey) and 16 km from the Railway station (40 min away). It proves to be the best accommodating option. Taxi/cabs can take you to the place at Rs.80-100/trip (of 4).It charges Rs. 950/room day (check out time is fixed at 12 noon) for a double bed AC room and Rs. 850 for a single bed. Restaurant charges are excluded.
  • Bequest Inn- A 4star hotel located on the outskirts of the city, 40 km away from the bus stand and 36 km from the railway station is one of the best of its kind. The hotel charges Rs. 2499 (depends on availability) for its executive suite with free internet and breakfast facility. Pick up and drop is also available only in case of advance bookings and extra charges are applicable. However, private taxi charges Rs. 150 for the place.

Extra Gyaan:

  • Bakreshwar does not have well- to- go transport facilities. Hence make sure you book proper cabs/taxis. Cabs are available for full day tour which charge Rs. 800 (negotiable) and are the best option.
  • The local shops of the city offer a variety of Taant Handloom sarees for just Rs.300-400. Do have a look!!

PS: This trip was taken in December 2016


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