8 types of co-passengers you would have come across at least once in your life time!

A window seat with the greatest of views, whether in a train, a bus, an airplane or car, who doesn’t like it ? Now, imagine yourself enjoying the view when suddenly there is a kick to your seat from behind and some kids start wailing so loud with a sudden attack of stench smell in the air. You are being crammed to your side by your neighbor who is happily snoring and drooling all over you whereas the person in front can’t stop talking and there is too much noise pollution.

Too much ? Yeah probably.

Every travel will lead you to find the worst unbearable co-passengers. Let’s look at the top eight :-

1) Seat-Kicker

Seat Kicker, Budget Trips

These are the worst co-passengers to ever deal with. They imagine themselves to be in a football ground kicking the ball but instead they are kicking your seat from behind. Most of the time you feel like turning around and yelling at them ( many times you do), but you also know it’s of no use. Old habits die hard.


2) Inattentive Parents

Screaming Child, Budget Trips

What worst could happen during your travel than some kids screaming, fighting, or crying their eyes out ,when you are trying to enjoy the nature outside your window while their parents are off doing God knows what. These parents should probably get the “best” parents award ( sarcasm intended ).


3) Mr./Ms./Mrs. Stinky

Stinky passengers, Budget Trips


The best travel is to travel comfy and some people take this so seriously that they don’t shower or they drown themselves in cologne. The stench smell or the overpowering deodorant, both makes you hold your breath and wishing to pass out as you can’t handle it any longer.

4) Audio Insensitive

Audio Insensitive, Budget Trips


The earphones were invented so that people around you don’t get disturbed, some people tend to forget this. Your poor ear-drums are on the boundary of bursting. Just a simple advice : Never Forget Ear-Plugs While Travelling. (Ever!!)


5) Chatterbox

Chatter Box, Budget Trips

Silence can be as peaceful as it could get, away from the city life. Some just hate silence or have super energy/ stamina to never stop talking. You get to know a lot ( even if you don’t want to ) about almost everything and anything. Your ears feel like falling off and maybe you start appreciating audio insensitive people over chatterbox ( no doubt over here ).

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6) Snoring

Snoring, Budget Trips


Small snores are adorable but snoring is annoying. While traveling, you will most probably find one or two who snores loudly than the lion’s roar.


7) Space Hogging

Space Hogging, Budget Trips

Being crammed for the whole journey can make you have body ache. Many times, some people forget that they have paid for one seat, not two. Well, this never stops them from hogging space, leaving you to cuddle with your side.


8) Newly-weds

Newly Weds, Budget Trips

Never ever sit next to Newly-weds. If you find your seat anywhere near them, listen carefully, run! Cancel the trip! Do not, I repeat, do not ever sit near them unless you want to listen to sweet mushy mushy things throughout the journey.

Now you know who to avoid sitting next to. Have you ever been a victim of sitting at the wrong place ? Tell us below in the comments. Or are you one of them?
Have a nice travel !

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